Sunday, 4 October 2015

Petite Fleur Bleue

We have a whole pot of those little blue pansies, and they are so delicate, yet I hadn't managed to get a good shot of them previously. But I am quite happy with this one - I like the composition, the sharpness all through the flower, as well as the blurred background with other little pansies providing some nice blue hue

I'm also still very happy with my new D750 body - so fast, and great focus, exposure, etc. Coupled with my trusted macro lens (the Tamron SP AF 90mm 1:1, 1st generation) images keep piling up in my LightRoom library!

"Petite Fleur Bleue" (c) Gilles Royer 2015

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Droplet on Pink

I haven't posted for a while here, so here we go. This is my latest photo. Taken in the garden, a few droplets on a new pink daisy plant. 

I kept a very shallow depth of field, to keep the focus and clarity on the foreground droplet, that acts like a magnifying glass to reveal the texture of the flower's petal. I didn't crop the photo to leave the yellow heart of the daisy in the image, I think it creates a balance in colour, and is soft enough not to be too distractive

"Droplet on Pink" (c) Gilles Royer 2015
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