Saturday, 8 March 2014

Nikon lens - Buy or Repair? What to do?

I'm devastated! My trusty friend of many years, aka my Nikkor AF-S 28-70mm f/2.8 D (see below photo), stopped working a few weeks ago... Impossible to turn the zoom ring anymore, something is blocking it (and I don't want to force it for fear I'll make it worst - it usually turns so smoothly).

So I sent it for examination at one of the Nikon certified service and repair centre, here in Melbourne. It just came back to me with the diagnostic -  they've unblocked it, but to properly repair they ask me for over 1,000 Australian dollars! Nearly fell off my chair!

I know it's a beautiful lens, and a professional one at that, but I can't spend that much on repairing a lens, especially when I can find a (used) one for that same amount of money. I can't believe fixing something nowadays is more expensive than buying new - I know that I sound very old school (well, I'm over 40 now :-) but I still can't get used to the idea. Sure, had I paid $200 for a lens, I would expect for it not to last that long, but this one is a professional grade lens, made in Japan, out of metal (inside and out), not a plastic cheapie. 

So - what should I do? Any tips? Is there something I can do myself by buying a spare part on the internet? I really want to keep using this lens, but my budget cannot afford the Nikon service cost. 

I'm keen to get your point of view on this. 

Thanks in advance