Sunday, 3 August 2014

"Gouttes de Neige" posted on @500px gallery

Yesterday, I took the family to Lake Mountain Alpine Resort so that Elodie could see her first snow. I had never been there, but the weather was perfect - it had snowed the last couple of nights, yet, the day was nice and sunny.

The drive from Melbourne is very nice, going through the Black Spur windy road with its majestic trees. But the last bit, from Marysville to the resort, suddenly came to a near-stop - like driving to the City at peak hour, with an accident on the road! But I took this opportunity to take a few shots, with the iPhone (the camera was packed in the boot).

This one is through the glass roof of the car, where a few flakes of snow had fallen, then very quickly melted, forming some random patterns, through which I could still see the trees and the sky behind.

Thought it was a nice abstract shot, and again, I am amazed at the quality of the iPhone 5 camera - it gets the exposure spot-on every time.

The photo is also posted on my 500px gallery at the following link:

And finally, if you haven't guessed, the title means "Snow Drops"

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