Monday, 30 June 2014

Special mention received!

I'm delighted I've received a Special Mention in the Monthly (June) Flower competition, on the (newly joined) website (see the "Photo Sites I Like" page on my blog for more information).

The shot was "La Tulipe", that can be seen below. The winning entry is at the following link:, and was also posted a few months ago in my 500px gallery (

Sunday, 29 June 2014

New post @500px - The Seagull and The Light

Following my shooting last weekend for One Minute On Earth project (see the great website), when I went early morning on the St Kilda Pier, I've now posted this shot of a  seagull (you can also see it in my 500px gallery:

This was taken about 7.50am, so 15mins or so after the sunrise, when the rays of the sun strike the water almost horizontally.

I was trying to take shots of the seagulls in full flight (quite tricky to get a sharp image, VR stabilisation or not on the lens!), and only got a few good ones. This one was shot against the water, with the sun light coming from beneath the body of the seagull, making the feather glow with a warm orange light

I also really enjoy the effect of the light on the water, which was very still that morning.

Hope you also  like it, and thanks for your visit!

New "Signs" Photobook competition - my entry


Another great photo book opportunity from the website (see in "Photo Sites I Like" on this blog for more details ), this one called "Signs".

I've entered a photo taken a few years back (on film, hence the grain on the photo, as I had to scan it to post it) when I was riding my bike around Ile de Re in France. Follow the link to this entry:

Please visit the site and vote for your favourite. Remember, those books are done to raise funds for charities, so every contribution is welcome

Note this photo was also posted on my 500px gallery a couple of years ago:

Photographically yours!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

My entry for One Minute On Earth 2014

If you haven't heard of it (and I hadn't before this year!) please go and check the website. It is a group of photographers who are running photo competitions, but also books for dedicated charities. One of their key book is the "One Minute On Earth" (OMOE) where photographers from all over the world all take a shot at the same time - this year it was at 9pm UTC on Saturday 21st June.

I decided to enter, because the photographers running it are so passionate, and it is such a great cause. For the Eastern coast of Australia, it meant it was Sunday 22nd June at 7am that I'd have to click, which is a great time to capture the first lights before the sun rises.

After a bit of to and fro, I decided to go for a shot in an iconic location, being the view of the Melbourne CBD, from the St Kilda Pier.

I put my alarm clock early enough, to have time to wake up, drive there, and set up before 7am (the photo must be taken between 7am and 7.01am). But... alarm went off, I snoozed, and I went back to sleep, only to look again at the clock to see 6.20am!!! I can tell you I've never been ready so fast, and the drive, luckily, was quick at that time of the morning (lucky - no cops either, I might have sped a tiny bit!!!), and I parked at 6.50am, with only 10 mins to walk the length of the pier, set up the tripod, and do a few tests shot. 

But apart from that, I must say it was weather perfect conditions for such a shot - although very cold (not to self - bring gloves next time!) - the air was very crisp, which made for a very sharp shot. Also, no rain, no wind, and at 7 am, the first lights are about to arrive (official first lights were at 7.10am, with sunrise at 7.35am).

Anyway, here's my entry for this year's OMOE 2014 photo book:

Also, please have a look at all the entries posted on that website (, the level of quality is really great, and the initiative is really fantastic - imaging a virtual community of photographers, all clicking at the same time around the world, unified for a common cause. Great work Gido and Francisco for organising it!

I also stayed a bit later than 7am, waiting for the sunrise, and posted one on my 500px gallery:

Saturday, 14 June 2014

New post - White Chrysanthemum @500px

A new post (the second today, I'm on a roll!) on my 500px gallery (

This is another example of macro using the focus stacking technique. For further information and a worked example of this technique, refer my previous post

The Story Behind... Portrait of a Giraffe @500px

Just posted a new photo in my 500px gallery (

Although I wish I had taken this one in Serengiti reserve in South Africa, I must admit this is a photo taken at a zoo - I know a few hard core animal photographers believe taking animal photos in zoo and parks is cheating, but that's only their opinion!

This particular one was taken in Singapore Zoological gardens, which I visited with my wife and daughter during a recent trip. This zoo is fantastic - big, clean (you're in Singapore after all), a train is running all around if you get tired, and they even have a polar bear in there - not bad when outside temperature is 30 degrees+ and humidity probably over 80%

One of the highlights was actually to go and feed the giraffes - you make your way to a raised platform, buy a plate of cut veggies /fruits for 5 Singapore dollars (it's a donation), and wait your turn to get 2 or 3 giraffes popping their head over the platform's balustrade, and display a very curly tongue to grab some pieces of fruit - I'm sure they are well fed at any time, yet this must be a treat for them! 

If you have a chance to get there, this is a highly recommended family activity - plus the photographer in you will be spoilt!

Thanks for your visit and ongoing support

Saturday, 7 June 2014

New Post on my @500px gallery

I've just uploaded on 500px ( another view of the ArtScience museum in Marina Bay, Singapore:

I'm really fascinated by this architecture, and I remember first discovering it years ago on the Megastructure TV show, which was documenting the building of the Marina Bay Sands hotel and the associated area. It is actually a technical prowess to build a building in such a shape, and it looks really beautiful from any angle

Thanks for your visit!

Friday, 6 June 2014

I made it to the Trending Profiles @500px

I've quite excited I've made it to the new "Trending Profiles" page in 500px, under "Macro" category. Direct link here ->

Just thought I'd let you know :-)

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

New post - ArtScience Museum in B&W

Just posted a new photo in my 500px gallery, titled "ArtScience Museum in B&W". You can see it here

This is obviously a photo from the iconic ArtScience museum in Singapore, in the Marina Bay Sands area. This is an amazing architecture, shaped as a lotus, and is an engineering prowess too.