My name is Gilles and I'm originally from France but now live in Australia (Melbourne), with my wife and daughter. Whilst I work in the corporate world, I am passionate about photography.

My interest started many years back, probably when I travelled to Egypt with my parents. Such a fantastic country to experience through the lens, and I didn't have then a proper camera back then to capture all the things I could see.

I bought my first SLR - a Nikon F50 - not long after I started working in Australia, and went to evening class to learn how to use it. Soon joined the B&W class, to learn how to develop and print my own photos in the darkroom. Needless to say, this was pre digital era!

A few years later, I upgraded to a Nikon F90x and my wife bought me a beautiful 28-70mm f/2.8 during a trip to Tokyo - that's a fantastic lens, and I still use it today - even though it breaks my back to carry it!

Fast forward to the digital era, which at first I didn't fully embrace. I guess the cameras initially were expensive, and the quality not as good a film (I quite enjoyed shooting slides, and the quality of those is amazing). In fact I didn't venture into digital until 2006, when I went to Japan for work and bought a Nikon D200. A great camera that I still shoot with today, it completely changed the way to take photos for me...imagine seeing the results straight away! And all that money saved on developing!

Nowadays, I do a lot of macro photography.

Thanks for your visit to my blog!

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  1. Happy to know more about you through your 500px gallery and here on your website. I live in New Caledonia and I love Australia where I often go (or at least I try to). Maybe we'll meet someday there and share our own experiences. Cheers!
    Tonton des Iles.