Saturday, 26 July 2014

"Portrait of a Daisy" posted on @500px

Here's a simple photo of a daisy, taken outside, in natural light (although the weather was very grey / cloudy). Posted also on my @500px gallery here:

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

"Morning in Melbourne" posted on my @500px gallery

The series "Morning in..." continues with this shot from Melbourne CBD. Amazing what motivation can do to me - waking up at 6am for a morning photo shoot seems easy that the same on the Monday morning to go to work. Go figure....

When I got the car out of the garage, I also noticed that it as a beautiful full moon, and once again, a perfect crisp clear sky, typical winter morning. So I headed off closer to the city this time (see my previous posts in St Kilda, Bolte Bridge, and Swan St Bridge), precisely on the St Kilda road bridge.

I set up my tripod, went to Aperture priority mode to get long exposure (I wanted that smooth/mirror effect on the water), and the remote control, and started to shoot, fine tuning to get the best angle and composition. First shots are a bit too dark, not enough light yet, but I got this one at about 7.05am, so technically, just before the first lights. The moon was full, and on her path to disappearing behind the foot brings you can spot in the background.

I was soon joined by a few other photographers and iPhone snappers, so it must have been a good spot!

Here's the shot I selected to post on 500px gallery (

As the sun rose behind me, a hot air balloon appear on the left, in the background, soon joined by a couple more, and they made their way towards the Rialto towers (those 2 towers with an electric blue light at the top - quite a landmark in Melbourne), but it was hard to get both a long enough exposure, and the hot air balloons sharp enough.

Anyway, it was worth fighting the cold (must have been one of the coldest mornings so far) to get a decent shot

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

"La Mouette au Soleil" - New photo on @500px gallery

Today I posted a photo taken a few weeks back, on the same morning I tool the photos for the OMOE 2014 (One Minute On Earth - check the website if you haven't yet).

It was taken one my way back from the shooting session, going back to the car park from the St Kilda Pier. I saw this seagull looping around, then landing on one post, obviously enjoying a rest as well as the warm rays of the rising sun:

The link to the 500px gallery is below:

What I liked in this shot is the beautiful warm light (arriving from the right hand side, where the sun has just come above the horizon), highlighting the details in the feathers. You can even see through the nostril on the beak if you look closely! 

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Not one but 2 prizes received!

I entered the "Architecture" competition on website, and got 2 prizes, which I'm quite exited about!

  • Curator's choice - for "ArtScience Museum in B&W"

Note I have previously commented on this photo on this blog:

  • Special mention - for "NY Sculpture", being a close-up shot of the Red Cube sculpture by Isamu Noguchi in New York

Check those photos, as well as other winning entries, at the following link:

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

"Morning in Docklands" photo posted on @500px

Another photo from the series "Morning in..."

Winter is cold down here, and quite wet, but this is also a great time of year to get out early and catch the first lights, whilst the air is very clear and crisp. I went last weekend around Docklands (check the other post from the Bolte Bridge:, and made my way along the river towards the city. 

By the time I arrived in Docklands, the sun was up, which gave me a beautiful warm light. I took this shot of the marina near Webb Bridge, and opted for a long exposure (6 seconds) to enhance that calm mood, and get the smooth effect you can see on the water:

I've also posted it on my 500px gallery, at the following link:

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

New photo on @500px gallery - "Morning by the Yarra"

Following my new series of morning shot, this morning I woke up early to capture the lights on the Melbourne CBD, starting from Swan Street Bridge / Henley Landing. Direct link to the 500px gallery  is here.

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

New Post on @500px gallery - "Morning at the Bolte"

Inspired by the One Minute On Earth 2014 challenge a couple of weeks ago (please check for more information on OMOE 2014, and here or here for photos taken during that photo shoot), I decided to wake up early again today, and head towards Docklands, to get a view at the City from the West and at the Bolte Bridge (below).

This time of year (it's winter here in Melbourne) is great, as first lights are not too early, and the mornings are very crisp (which also means very cold, but those things I do to get a photo!), which lends itself very well to this type of landscape photography.

So here is the shot I posted on my 500px gallery ( - I decided to go for a B&W edit, to enhance the mood and highlight the lights on the bridge.

Below is the actual original shot in colour

This is obviously a long exposure shot (5s). I also tried to use a new ND filter (+4), but the images above are shot without it, as I'm not yet 100% of the result. But I have a variable ND filter in the post, due any days now, so I'll give that one a try and keep you posted.

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