Saturday, 22 August 2015

"Looking Back"

Today was such a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne, I just can't wait for Spring to be here, with its warmth, longer days, and plenty of beautiful flowers and bugs in the garden!

But whilst we wait for this, the gazanias in the garden still give me plenty of opportunities for macro photography - it's amazing how many shots I could take from the same flower, yet very different angles provide different backgrounds, colours, and light reflections

This one taken from the back of the flower, with a few water droplets on the petals. The colours under the flower are darker and more purple than the front (pink) of the same - look at my previous posts for other variations.

(c) Gilles Royer 2015
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Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

"Elegance in Pink" posted

I've taken those flowers many times before - they are beautiful pink gazanias and grow in a pot in our back garden. I've shot them across seasons, in different lights, different times of days, but the difference with this one is that I'm testing my new toy - a Nikon D750. 

I'm really excited about it! I also went during the week to take photos of Melbourne city by night - but more of that in a future post. 

The camera is really good (as expected!) and it's amazing when I compare it to my (old now) D200 - about the same size, yet the D750 is a full frame camera, packed with twice the number of pixels, a bigger and tilting screen, better sensor and AF system, etc. Plus I get to use again all my old FX lenses, especially my 28-70mm f/2.8 and my 50mm f/1.4

Anyway - enough about the camera. I hope the skills of the photographer also play their part in getting a great image :-)

"Elegance in Pink" (c) Gilles Royer 2015
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Saturday, 8 August 2015

"Moss & Flowers" posted

I'm still going through my stock of photos taken during my last trip to Europe, so keep looking for them! This one was taken in my parents' garden, a combination of moss and wild pink flowers, creating an interesting vegetal microcosm.

I've edited brightness and saturation, given I shot in RAW format. The shallow depth of field also created a more interesting image, creating a blurry foreground to anchor the photo, and a dark pink uneven background, to enhance the central pink flower (yes, there's nothing like breaking the rule of thirds I believe and put you key subject near the centre!!).

"Moss & Flower" (c) Gilles Royer 2015
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