Sites I Like

Below is a list of photography sites I like

Sites to share and browse photos:

  • - I've have a portfolio on this site for a couple of years now, and really enjoy the quality and diversity of photos you can find there. check it out to see the amazing photographers around he world
  • - I also have a page on this site, but not that active to date. It's a nice site, and it's key differentiator to me is that you can enter competitions (some free, some you have to pay)
  • - a curated site, which means only the very best photos make it to the first page. I'm still trying to get there!!
  • - that's one of the first sites I tried, but nowadays I much prefer 500px, which is solely dedicated to photography, and presents photos very well
  • - this is a fantastic site, created by a little group of passionate photographers. They organise some competitions, as well as some photobooks, to raise funds for different charities. One great event is the "One Minute On Earth", where photographers from all over the world are invited to take a photo at the exact same time
  • - finally, after all those years resisting Facebook, I've created my own page, to hold anything photography-related
Sites about photography equipment & reviews:
  • - I have been reading Ken's reviews for years, nd really enjoy his straight talk about equipment. Being a Nikon guy, I find very useful reviews on cameras and lenses for that brand
Other various sites:
  • - this is a pretty cool site to create your online profile, and to point other people and friends to the many different sites & blogs you can have
  • - a very good site to track your exercise, be it running, walking, cycling, skiing or anything at the gym. I've used it for a few years, just have to take your iPhone with you on a run, and it records your track and key statistics
  • - my good friend Sean is passionate about wine, and he's had this blog for a few years now, reviewing wines and writing articles about Australian wine regions
Any other sites I should try? Please send me a note and I'll review them here

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